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Added exceptional design challenges:

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Architectural ChallengeCar ChallengeCompetitions Challenge
Student ChallengeConcept ChallengeConcept Challenge
Music Instruments ChallengeTalent ChallengeTalents Challenge
Portfolioe ChallengeChemical Product ChallengeWorld Challenge
Artist ChallengeArchitects ChallengeFashion Challenge
Fashion Accessories ChallengeYoung ChallengeHow to Make Challenge
Milan ChallengeSpacecraft ChallengeConference Challenge
Italian ChallengeSurmount Security ChallengeBest Aircraft Challenge
Museums ChallengeSchool of Design ChallengeDesign Collage Challenge
Award ChallengeAwards ChallengeTop Designers Challenge
Portfolio ChallengeEnergy Products ChallengeCar Challenge
Art Goods ChallengeCookware ChallengeArchitecture Projects Challenge
Art Works ChallengeConvention Centers ChallengeInformation Processing Challenge
Safety Clothing ChallengeTradefair Centers ChallengeSummits Challenge
Brown Goods ChallengeInteraction Design ChallengeExhibition Spaces Challenge

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